Our trademark is The Crème de la Crème of Gas Logs® because we specialize in manufacturing the most realistic and beautiful gas logs systems in the world. There is no equal to our gas logs systems available in today’s market. Our product is superior in every way and we are the leader in the ‘gas logs’ industry in technology, artistry, ingenuity, and when only the best will do. We don’t produce for quantity, we custom-build each EIKLOR® gas logs system per order for high-end quality, and that’s what it takes to be the leader.

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Realism is the name of the game and we take great care and pride in the design of our gas logs. Our artistically created, ultra-detailed gas logs are made of highest heat 2600° ceramic refractory for #1 High-Heat transfer to create spectacular appearance lit and unlit, as well as the bonus of radiant heat, when matched to our burner systems. The logs themselves have been taken from fallen branches and twigs in the Hoosier National Forest. They are then molded, oven dried and hand painted by our artists at the factory using an intricate 7-stage coloring system. The logs are durable, heavier than any other on the market, and the only trouble you should have, is convincing people they are not real wood.

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