Building on our legacy of advanced safety technology, Hearth Products Controls Company (HPC) has become the recognized leader in fire pit and water feature innovation. Our outdoor line, introduced in 2003, now includes custom and off-the-shelf, fully assembled fire and water features for commercial and residential applications that are as visually spectacular as they are scientifically sound. Our dealers and distributors can rely on us to provide industry-leading technology, as well as the broadest product line available.

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Our diverse indoor product line includes a broad range of technologies – from standard pilot kits with manual safety pilot control… and millivolt valves controlled via remote or wall switch… to our exclusive energy-saving electronic ignition kits that eliminate a 24-hour pilot flame. We also offer versatile remote control gas fireplace kits that can turn the fire on, change flame height, or provide timer or temperature control. Our North American dealers use HPC replacement components to keep fireplaces safely maintained. We are known for the most useful and easy-to-install kits in the industry, as well as hands-on customer service, training and education, including NFI-certified technical support.

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