Branson Art LLC incorporates “Value Engineering” as a guide to source product and provide a solution to solve budgetary cost overrides in Commercial Custom Gas Fireplace installations. In fact, cost rarely enters the picture before Custom Gas Fireplaces are specified in a project by the Architect.

Once the project design is complete and plans are issued and approved, it becomes the responsibility of the General Contractor to source the equipment and provide the Custom Gas Fireplace or Custom Fire Feature specified within the budget. Branson Art LLC has a solution to provide the information needed before cost and source becomes an issue for the General Contractor. Architects, General Contractors and owners alike have trusted us to provide Custom Fireplace recommendations based on our proven track record, experience and successful completed projects.

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Over the past 10 years, Branson Art LLC has supplied Custom Commercial and Residential fireplaces to large corporations across the US. Some of our clients include Cabelas, Hilton Hotels, Mars Corporation Borgata Hotel and Casino, just to name a few.

Our services also include a fee free, no cost initial consultation on all Custom Fireplace Brands and Custom Designed Fireplace features we provide. Branson Art LLC incorporates all details, Shop Drawings and cost of installation of Custom Fireplace equipment before cost becomes an issue.  Branson Art LLC has accomplished this by using the “Value Engineering “Methodology as a basis for our recommendations in Custom Commercial and Residential Fireplace Design.

 By using the “Market Value Approach”, Branson Art LLC has saved many clients hundreds of thousands of dollars with their Custom Fireplace installations by recommending alternative Custom Fireplaces that meet project specifications with Factory Direct pricing.

 Branson Art LLC offers extensive product knowledge, consultation and continued support, service and manufactures warranty with the purchase of any Custom Fireplace brand offered by Branson Art LLC which include manufactured Custom Residential Fireplace units.

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